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Handi App

Handi Paediatric App is a free App downloadable onto any smartphone. You can download it here.

It is based on the NICE guidance for feverish children aged under 5, and is commissioned by NHS Devon for use by parents, community staff, and secondary care staff ( junior doctors). It has been developed by NHS Devon CCG in conjunctions with paediatric specialists at University Hospitals Plymouth (Derriford)

For parents and carers, the App provides guidance for parents on the most common illnesses that their child may experience. It provides a home care plan to help look after the child at home, and it offers guidance as to where, and how quickly, to seek medical advice when a child is reported to have symptoms which may indicate that further assessment is needed.

What symptoms does it cover?

Handi Paediatric app provided advice and support to parents and carers of children with the following symptoms:

1. Diarrhoea and vomiting

2. High temperature (fever) 

3. Chesty baby(bronchiolitis)

4. Chesty child (wheeze and asthma)

5. Tummy pain

Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, we are working in a different way so that we can ensure that patients are seen when and where they need to be seen. We are asking parents and carers to help us by using a tool called Handi Paediatric app which you can download free onto your smartphone. Many children who have mild illnesses do not need to see a GP or health practitioner and can be managed safely at home.

If your child has a new persistent cough and/or a fever ( over 37.8), and is unwell, please stay at home (self-isolate), keep them and family members who live with them away from others for 14 days, and call 111 for advice.


If your child has a new persistent cough and/or a fever (over 37.8) but is not particularly unwell, they and family members who live with them must stay at home (self-isolate), keep away from other people for 14 days, and you can download the Handi app to get advice about how to look after them and when to seek more help.