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Your simple three-step guide to online consultations

by Dr Alison Harvey, GP at Chillington Health Centre

Online consultations provide a quick and convenient alternative to visiting your GP practice.

It allows you to use your phone, tablet or computer to consult a GP or to access other services. It only takes a few minutes to consult online and there are no passwords to remember.

Many patients at Chillington are already taking advantage of the benefits online consultations provide. However, we appreciate that some of you might be daunted by new technology or reluctant to change the way you use GP services.

So, with those patients in mind, we’ve put together this easy three-step guide to show how simple the system is to use and how it helps you get the care you need more quickly.


Step 1 – go to our website

Go to the surgery’s website and click on the ‘Get an eConsult response within 24 hours’ button on the right-hand-side of the homepage.

(By the way, eConsult is simply the name of the online consultation system we use at Chillington.)

Step 2 – the ‘questionnaire’

Then, follow the instructions and answer the questions. 

Depending on your responses you may be asked to add some information about your condition and symptoms. These are the same questions your GP would ask in a normal appointment.

eConsult also includes a wealth of information on how to treat yourself. So, you may be able to resolve your issue there and then.

You can also use eConsult to ask for sick notes and to request test results. 

Step 3 – we’ll get in touch

If you’ve asked for advice or other information, a GP (or another member of the team) will review the details you’ve supplied. We’ll then get in touch by the end of the next working day to let you know the next step.

For example:

  • If you need to speak to a GP, we’ll get in touch to arrange a face-to-face appointment or a video or phone consultation.
  • If you have a minor ailment, we’ll give you treatment advice and, if appropriate, a prescription.
  • If you need another service (a physiotherapist, for example) you’ll be referred. 
  • If you asked for a sick note or letter, or to discuss a test, your practice will review your request and get in touch.

It’s that simple.

However, it’s important to remember that you shouldn’t use eConsult if you think your condition is serious. If you need medical help or advice fast (for example, if your symptoms are serious but not life-threatening) dial 111 or go the 111 website although if your condition is life-threatening, dial 999.

Frequently asked questions about Online Consultations.