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  • Making Appointments

    Frequently asked questions about Online Consultations

    Appointments can be made by telephoning or by attending the surgery. Medically urgent cases will always be seen on the same day but not always by your own Doctor. 

    Note that all surgery appointments are for ten minutes only, so if you anticipate your appointment will take longer please request a twenty minute slot.

    The Doctors are happy to discuss problems by telephone, where appropriate, please contact the reception for advice. Please be available on your preferred number.

  • Evening & Weekend Appointments

    Improved Access service for evening and weekend appointments.

    Evening access and extended hours

    As part of our Primary Care Network, we are working with other practices to provide extended hours appointments. We offer extended hours telephone appointments twice a week, telephone calls will be after 6pm.

    This is a requirement (known as Improved Access) where practices ensure that from Monday to Thursday a practice in each area is open between 6pm-8pm. 

    Update 11 March 2020: Our contract to provide improved access appointments is due for renewal on 1st April 2020, we have decided not to renew this contract because of the increased pressure on General Practice and the low take up rates for these appointments. These were the evening appointments every other Tuesday, these appointments will cease on 1st April 2020. Plans are being developed locally for improved access appointments. When we have further information we will let patients know.

    Weekend Improved Access Service

    We offer weekend appointments situated in two central hub locations:

    Please call us here at Chillington to pre-book a Weekend appointment:

    Fridays: 6.00pm—8.00pm 
    Saturdays: 8.00am—6.00pm 
    Sundays:  8.00am—2.00pm 

    Consent to share your medical records with another practice:

    Please note as this contract is being delivered at scale across the locality, you will not necessarily be seen by a GP, Practice Nurse or HCA known to you from your practice

    To ensure that the Clinician you see has full access to your medical records, when you book your appointment the Administrator will ask you to consent to sharing your medical records. Once consent is gained the clinician seeing you on the day is the only person who will have access to your medical record, this consent is valid for 28 days from the appointment date. It is essential that consent is gained for you to be able to have the appointment. If you feel you do not wish to provide consent then it will not be suitable for you to book the appointment. 
    Thank for you your co-operation and support and we hope you make full use of this new service. 

  • Home Visits

    If you think you may need a home visit please phone before 11am if possible as this enables the doctors to plan their visits prior to afternoon surgery and avoid unnecessary delays. The doctor may ring to assess your problem.

    Please try to attend the surgery wherever possible as a more thorough examination is possible with specialised equipment available for some cases. Visits are for the housebound and those too unwell to attend the surgery.

    Please be prepared to explain what is wrong and to provide directions to your home. Remember that there is now a transport service run by SCOF, who will provide a car to take patients to and from the surgery (paid for through voluntary donations) for those who would otherwise be unable to attend (phone 01548 581181, or ask at Reception for details).

  • GP Training

    We are now a GP training practice. We have GP trainees on placement with us throughout the year.

    To become an independent General Practitioner in the UK, GPs must undertake 3 years of speciality training, normally including 18 months in an approved training practice and 18 months in approved hospital posts.

    All GP trainees at the practice are under the supervision of a GP trainer, which is currently our Senior Partner, Dr Harvey.

    Peninsula Medical School information about Medical Student Training.

  • Pharmacy First

    A new scheme is available to help people with minor ailments and conditions.

    Patients with certain conditions will be able to go straight to their pharmacist to receive a consultation and treatment without needing to see a GP. 

    See here for further information