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  • General Medical Care

    The Doctors provide a full range of general medical services, including maternity care, contraceptive services, well woman care, minor surgical procedures, child health surveillance and health promotion.

    Antenatal Care

    The Doctors see antenatal patients by appointment, during routine surgery.  If you are newly pregnant, please contact South Hams Hospital to speak with a community midwife on 01548 852349 to access midwifery services.  The Doctors and practice nurses provide pre-pregnancy counselling. Pregnant women seeking urgent midwifery advice should phone the Labour Ward at Torbay Hospital (01803 654631) or Derriford Hospital (01752 763610), depending upon where they are booked. Also see our Pregnacy Health section on this website.

    Child Surveillance

    The Doctors work closely with the Health Visitor and do regular checks on all pre-school children (by appointment only).  The Midwife is based at South Hams Hospital in Kingsbridge and is available for general advice and after care – 01548 855983. Pregnant women seeking urgent midwifery advice should contact the Labour Ward at Torbay Hospital (01803 654631) or Derriford Hospital (01752 245041). The Health Visitor holds clinics at different locations throughout the South Hams. The closest clinic is on Tuesdays 9.30am-11am at South Hams Hospital. You can also contact the Health Visitor on 0333 234 1901.

    Well Person

    The Doctors and Practice Nurses provide health checks on request for any adult patient. In addition every woman between the age of 25 and 49 are currently recommended to have cervical smears every three years, and every five years for women between 50 and 65. It is currently advised that all patients should receive five Tetanus, Diphtheria and Polio vaccinations, at different times, in order to provide lifetime protection. Please talk to either of our practice nurses to check if you are safely covered.

    Minor Surgery

    The Doctors are trained to perform a variety of minor surgical procedures under local anaesthetic, at the Health Centre.


    People managing diabetes are invited to undergo a regular diabetic review (usually every 6-12 months). They should make a routine appointment with the Health Care Assistant who will perform a blood test, and to make a further twenty minute appointment with the practice nurse, about two weeks later for a review. Arrangements can be made to visit housebound diabetic patients. Also see our section on Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes on this website.